The purpose of this project is to provide a disk browsing tool based on the principle of treemaps, like SequoiaView does for win32 platforms.

Primary intention of this program is to easily visualize files within directory structures by representing them as rectangles. Larger files result in larger rectangles and make it easy to find the largest files within the selected hirarchy. GTreeMap is able to generate many visual variants of treemaps including sqarified treemaps with cushion-like shading.

GTreeMap is written for GNU/Linux but will probably work on other platforms, since it is formulated in the C programming language (ISO C99) using the GTK+ toolkit version 2. Main features of this program are independant implementations of the ideas of Cushion Treemaps by Wijk, J.J. van and H. van de Wetering and Squarified Treemaps by Bruls, D.M., C. Huizing and J.J. van Wijk.

A preliminary source package can be obtained here. This interface is very odd and will be replaced in a future version. This release is only for demonstration purposes of the treemap algorithms, which I consider final for now.